sanaia  was designed for the millions of adult applesauce lovers like me that the market was completely ignoring. I decided to create an applesauce that reflect the tastebuds and consumer habits of the grown up consumer.  Our packaging is elegant and gift-worthy, and our tart organic granny smith apples infused with island-inspired superfruits and spices is the reason our customers call us  “applesauce for grown folks”. We even leave the skins on, so every spoonful is rich with texture and full of nourishing nutrients.

Our exotic range of flavors – ginger, lavender pear, hibiscus, tamarind, blackberry, gingerbread maple and guava – provide endless inspiration. Imagine beginning your day with Lavender Pear applesauce over granola and ending it with warmed gingerbread maple applesauce over toasted poundcake. Yes, the kids will love sanaia, but this was naturally indulgent healthy treat was made with you in mind.


    Brenda Malik

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