Sweet Knowledge Clothing Company, is the brainchild of Howard Alum Leslie Antonoff.

Her tenure at The Real HU began in 2003, instantly she felt at home on campus and like most Howard students, a fire of school pride was ignited within her that no amount of water or suffocation could put out. After her time was done, Leslie noticed that she was lacking items in her closet to adequately express her school spirit away from campus and thus her company was born.

Each year as students descend upon Historically Black Colleges & Universities across the country they are searching for the finest in collegiate apparel, Sweet Knowledge Clothing Company exists to fill that need and then some. With original graphic tees and sweatshirts, Sweet Knowledge Clothing Co. is setting the tone for what students, alumni, and supporters of Historically Black Colleges & Universities expect – fashionable, stylish wares to display their school pride.

If you ask any HBCU attendee they will mostly likely tell you choosing their institution was one of the greatest decisions of their lives, because like the old adage says – “The Blacker The College, The Sweeter The Knowledge”. A sweatshirt or a tee could be anything but when you’re rocking SKCC – it is sure to be SWEET.

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